- Iceland, Iceland -20210914-World`s Largest Carbon-Capture Plant Opens In Iceland
The world?s largest direct air capture and storage plant that permanently removes CO? from the air has opened in Iceland.
Run by Swiss company Climeworks, Orca sucks carbon dioxide directly from the air and buries it as rocks deep underground, using technology from Climeworks Icelandic partner Carbfix.
Orca has the capacity to remove 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere this way each year.
The number equates roughly the emissions from 870 cars or 9,281 consumed barrels of oil, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency greenhouse gas calculator.
The Orca plant is located in Hellisheidi, Iceland, adjacent to Icelandic energy company ON Power s geothermal power plant, and is entirely run on this renewable energy.
Critics of carbon capture and storage have argued that it is a costly distraction from the real policy measures needed to fight climate change.

-PICTURED: General View (World`s Largest Carbon-Capture Plant)

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